The bulk of the company’s work falls into the conventional contracts category, where we price against a specification typically issued by consulting engineers. As the successful tenderer on a number of projects, Hidro-Tech has completed projects that include water and sewage pumping stations, water treatment works and wastewater treatment works.

Hidro-Tech peforms site installations with up to three teams, each under the direct supervision of a team leader, who in turn report to the projects director. The installation staff are well versed in the installation of pipe work and various pumping installations for borehole, end-suction, submersible and split-casing pumps.

A comprehensive list of projects is attached, but some of the company’s more noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • Pinnacle Point Golf estate irrigation system
    This comprised a fully automated, PLC controlled irrigation system for the estate outside Mossel Bay. The pump station provides a constant pressure delivery via a jockey pump and three Variable Speed Driven main pumps. The flow rate varies between 15 ℓ/s to as much as 250 ℓ/s, depending on the number of sprinkler stations and their configuration as called for by the irrigation control system. This system has been operating successfully since 2006.
  • Khayelitsha water leakage management system
    The first of its kind, the City of Cape Town implemented this project, which comprised the installation of a set of Bermad pressure release valves to the main feeder pipelines to the Khayelitsha area. These control valves limit the pressure under low flow conditions. This is especially efficient during night or other off-peak periods to limit leakages in the network.
  • Val-de-Vie Polo estate irrigation system
    This project was based on a similar principal as the Pinnacle Point automated irrigation system, but this installation with two sets of borehole type pumps. An interactive SCADA screen was used for setting of various parameters such as pressure and flow setpoints. * Rooidraai irrigation system Completed at the end of 2007, this pump station provides irrigation to 500 ha of vineyard just north of Malmesbury. This farm produces grapes for KWV, and this irrigation scheme has enabled them to increase the output and quality of their crop significantly.
  • Bonnievale wastewater treatment works
    The Mechanical and Electrical installation to this WWTW included various pump stations with end-suction as well as submersible pumps, surface mounted aerators, settling tank bridges and Huber rotary screens.
    Bonnievale-04 Bonnievale-02
  • Helderberg sewage pump station
    This major pump station near Somerset West in the Cape peninsula comprised three immersible pump sets, complete with valves and pipework of 700 mm diameter. Effluent screening also formed part of the contract, with Huber vertical screens, washing and compacting equipment as well as 1,8 m penstocks. The ventilation and odour control systems also formed part of the contract.
    Helderberg-02 Helderberg-05
  • Fisantekraal bulk sewer pump station
    Another one of the City of Cape Town’s major sewage pumping stations, this project was undertaken in a joint venture with Kaltron electrical engineering.
  • Potable water supply to Groot- and Klein Mier
    Using a groundwater source, this project comprised a borehole installation feeding two booster pumping stations in series to supply water to a reservoir as drinking water for the community of Mier in the southern Kalahari, 250 km north of Upington. The levels and pumps in the three installations are automatically controlled by means of a radio telemetry system.




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Fisantekraal Pump Station
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Horizon bay
pipes for Alexander Bay
Pipe work for Alexander Bay
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